Holland House

Holland House began in 2012 and our first novel ‘The Absent Woman’ by Marlene Lee was published the following year. Since then we have published over 40 books.
We focus on literary fiction and non-fiction, ranging from Nathalie Abi-Ezzi’s Paper Sparrows, set in Lebanon, to Emma Darwin’s This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin, taking in Lili, the story of a Holocaust survivor, The Storyteller, an extraordinary novel about mental illness, Pax, a dual-narrative novel based on Rubens’ diplomatic visit to London, and An Island, an intense study of home and refugees. We also dabble in poetry, such as the wonderful illustrated poem ‘Greta and the Labrador’ and the beautiful bi-lingual Café By Wren’s St James-In-The-Fields, Lunchtime, by Anna blasiak, with photographs by her partner, Lisa Kalloo.

Robert Peett is the founder and senior editor of Holland House Books, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and regularly gives talks and teaches Masterclasses at Reading University; these have led to paid internships in our Novella Project aimed at increasing diversity in writers and publishing professionals, supported by the Arts Council.