Corsair was founded in 2009 by James Gurbutt as a boutique literary list of a dozen or so original titles. Corsair’s first book was published in March 2010. Sarah Castleton joined in 2011 as Commissioning Editor, to bring a new eye and sensitivity to the list. Like any publishing imprint, Corsair is defined by our authors and we are deeply proud of the fine talents – whether debut or established, home-grown or from further afield – who trust their writing to us. Each and every one is a unique voice.

The name Corsair has no literary significance other than it was spotted on the blurb of biography about Francis Drake – at that time Corsair was part of Constable & Robinson, the oldest independent publisher in the country, and the name seemed rather apt.

We like to acquire books we love, of any flavour. We look for diversity and ‘the unexpected’. We publish authors we have the time, space and vision to nurture. We publish books that we can afford and that, above all, deserve to reach readers.